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Cyc is an artificial intelligence project that attempts to assemble a comprehensive ontology and knowledge base of everyday common sense knowledge, with the goal of enabling AI applications to perform human-like reasoning. The project was started in 1984 by Douglas Lenat at MCC and is developed by company Cycorp. Parts of the project are released as OpenCyc, which provides an API, RDF endpoint, and data dump under an open source license.



The project was started in 1984 as part of Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation. The objective was to codify, in machine-usable form, millions of pieces of knowledge that comprise human common sense. CycL presented a proprietary knowledge representation schema that utilized first-order relationships.[1] In 1986, Doug Lenat estimated the effort to complete Cyc would be 250,000 rules and 350 man-years of effort.[2] The Cyc Project was spun off into Cycorp, Inc. in Austin, Texas in 1994.

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