Daoud's Republic of Afghanistan

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Republic of Afghanistan (Pashto: جمهوری افغانستان) was the official state government of Mohammed Daoud Khan from 1973 to 1978. Daoud Khan became Afghanistan's first President in 1973 after he deposed Mohammad Zahir Shah in a non-violent coup. Daoud was known for his progressive politics and attempts to modernise the country with help from the Soviet Union and the United States, among others.[1]

In 1978, a military coup known as The Saur Revolution took place with help from the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan. Daoud and his entire family were assassinated during the coup in 1978. The Daoud Republic gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (1978–1992).[2]




In 1973, while Mohammed Zahir Shah was in Italy undergoing eye surgery as well as therapy for lumbago, his cousin and former Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan staged a coup d'état and established a republican government. As a former prime minister, Daoud Khan had been forced to resign by Zahir Shah a decade earlier.[3] In the August following this coup, Zahir Shah abdicated rather than risk an all-out civil war.[3]

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