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Coordinates: 50°34′N 4°0′W / 50.567°N 4°W / 50.567; -4

Dartmoor is an area of moorland in the centre of Devon, England. Protected by National Park status, it covers 954 square kilometres (368 sq mi).[1]

The granite upland dates from the Carboniferous period of geological history. The moorland is capped with many exposed granite hilltops (known as tors), providing habitats for Dartmoor wildlife. The highest point is High Willhays, 621 m (2,037 ft) above sea level. The entire area is rich in antiquities and archaeology.

Dartmoor is managed by the Dartmoor National Park Authority whose 22 members are drawn from Devon County Council, local District Councils and Government.

Parts of Dartmoor have been used as a military firing range for over two hundred years. The public enjoy extensive access rights to the rest of Dartmoor, and it is a popular tourist destination. The organization responsible for tourism on Dartmoor is the Dartmoor Partnership. The Park was featured on the TV programme Seven Natural Wonders as the top natural wonder in South West England.


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