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Although Haiti averages approximately 250 people per square kilometer (650 per sq. mi.), its population is concentrated most heavily in urban areas, coastal plains, and valleys. About 80-85% of Haitians are of predominantly West African descent[1]. The remainder of the population is primarily mulattoes. There are tiny Arab, Asian and White communities. Hispanic residents in Haiti are mostly Cuban and Dominican. About two thirds of the Haitian population live in rural areas.



Haiti is a caribbean nation with strong European and African contributions to the culture as well as its language, music and religion. Mainly French, and to a much lesser extent (food, art, and folk religion) Taíno customs are also present in the society. Haiti has many close cultural ties with its neighbors, Cuba especially, and the neighboring Dominican Republic due to the history involving those countries and the post-imperialist era.


Taíno was the major pre-Columbian language in the region now known as Haiti. One of the country's official languages is haitian creole, a French-based creole with African influences, as well as minor spanish and Taíno influences. French is the other official language. Spanish, though not official, is spoken by a growing amount of the population. It is spoken more frequently near the border with the Dominican Republic. English is increasingly spoken among the young and in the business sector.


The state religion is Roman Catholicism which 50-55% of the population professes. 30-35% of Haitians practice Protestantism. A significant percentage of the population also practice Vodou traditions approximately 20-25%, but these claims are denied by a significant amount of the strict[citation needed] Roman Catholic populace.[citation needed] Haitians that do practice both faiths however tend to see no conflict in these African-rooted beliefs co-existing with the Roman Catholic faith.[citation needed]

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