Demographics of Moldova

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This article is about the demographic features of the population of Moldova, including distribution, ethnicity, languages, religious affiliation and other statistical data.


Overview of the demographic statistics

The CIA World Factbook July 2008 estimate places the population of Moldova at 4,324,450.

According to the 2004 Moldovan Census, 3,383,332 people lived in the areas controlled by the central government of Moldova. According to the 2004 Census in Transnistria, 555,347 people lived in the breakaway Transnistria, including the city of Bender/Tighina, and the other localities de facto controlled by Transnistrian authorities. Thus, the total population of the country in 2004 amounted to 3,938,679.

Ethnic composition of the main part of Moldova, according to the 2004 census, was:

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