Dennis the Menace (UK)

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Dennis and Gnasher (previously known as Dennis the Menace and Gnasher and Dennis the Menace) is a long-running comic strip in the British children's comic The Beano, published by D. C. Thomson & Co., Dundee, Scotland.

The strip first appeared in issue 452, dated 17 March 1951, and is the longest-running strip in the comic. From issue 1678 onwards (dated 14 September 1974) Dennis the Menace replaced Biffo the Bear on the front cover, and has been there ever since.

Five days earlier, on 12 March 1951, another comic strip coincidentally named Dennis the Menace debuted in the United States. The two strips should not be confused — as a result of this the US series has been retitled Dennis for UK consumption, while the British character's appearances are often titled "Dennis and Gnasher" outside the UK.

Dennis is the archetypal badly-behaved schoolboy. The main recurring storyline throughout the years features his campaign of terror against a gang of 'softies' (effeminate, well-behaved boys), particularly Walter. Walter finds himself in unfavourable circumstances on many occasions, although he sometimes gets the "last laugh".

Dennis the Menace and Gnasher was first drawn by David Law (1951 – 1970), then David Sutherland (1970 – 1998). David Parkins took over in 1998, but due to his other work commitments, Nigel Parkinson and Jimmy Hansen have drawn the lion's share of the strips for some years, and Parkins has not drawn Dennis since 2006. More recently, Tom Paterson has drawn some second Dennis strips for the comic's rear pages. Barrie Appleby did the artwork for the Beano Superstars series, which, towards the end of its run, resorted exclusively to strips based on the TV series (see below).


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