Destiny (DC Comics)

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Destiny is a DC Comics character created by Marv Wolfman and Bernie Wrightson,[1] first appearing in Weird Mystery Tales #1 (1972), and was regular host of that series for the first fourteen issues, after which he hosted Secrets of Haunted House.[2] He is one of the Endless in Neil Gaiman's comic book series, The Sandman.[3] In The Sandman Special #1, he was also referred to by his Greek name, Potmos. In 1997, he starred in an eponymous three-issue limited series written by Alisa Kwitney.

Destiny is portrayed as a tall figure, obscured within a purple or brown robe and cowl. He reads from a large book, originally known as the Cosmic Log, chained to his right wrist, which contains all past, present, and future events.[2] He does not leave footprints, nor does he cast a shadow. Destiny is blind, although this doesn't appear to hinder him and it has been stated that, opposed to simply being blind, Destiny '...sees everything.' He is always calm, detached, and somber even in extreme situations.


Early appearances

Like Lucien, Cain and Abel and some other Sandman characters, Destiny first appeared as host of a 1970s DC horror comic, Weird Mystery Tales. There was, of course, no mention of his family, though a more traditional version of Death did appear in it. In his earliest appearances, he was less of a storyteller than an introducer, as most of his stories were actually told by Jack Kirby's Dr. E. Leopold Maas, an investigator of paranormal phenomena.

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