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Dish Network Corporation is the United States' fourth largest pay-tv provider, providing direct broadcast satellite service—including satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services—to 14.337 million[3] commercial and residential customers in the United States. Dish Network has approximately 24,500 employees, most of which are located within the U.S. The corporate office is based in Meridian, Colorado, though the postal designation of Englewood is used in the company’s mailing address.

Offspring of the Echostar Satellite L.L.C., and founded by Charles Ergen, his wife Candy and their friend Jim DeFranco as a satellite TV equipment distributor in 1980, DISH Network was officially branded in March 1996. This branding comes after the successful launch of its first satellite, Echostar I in December 1995 and marked the beginning of the company offering subscription television services. The company has since launched numerous satellites,with 14 owned and leased satellites currently in its fleet.

As of January 2008, DISH Network split from Echostar, with each entity becoming a separate company. Echostar is the key technology partner to DISH Network, which focuses only on marketing and providing satellite television service.

As of 2010, the company competes primarily with satellite rival DirecTV and with cable television providers, but telecommunication companies’ development of fiber-optic lines has increasingly become competition for the company. The company is included in the Nasdaq-100 index (NASDAQ: DISH) and is a fortune 200 company.


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