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Draughts (pronounced /ˈdrɑːfts/; British English) or checkers[1] (American English) is a group of abstract strategy board games between two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over the enemy's pieces. Draughts developed from alquerque.[2] The name derives from the verb to draw or to move.[3]

The most popular forms are international draughts, played on a 10×10 board, followed by English draughts, also called American checkers, played on an 8×8 checkerboard, but there are many other variants including 12×12 which is gaining popularity.


General rules

Draughts is played by two people, on opposite sides of a playing board, alternating moves. One player has dark pieces, and the other has light pieces. It is against the rules for one player to move the other player's pieces. The player with the dark pieces makes the first move unless stated otherwise. Pieces move diagonally and opponents' pieces are captured by jumping over them to an unoccupied square. The playable surface consists only of the dark squares. A piece may only move into an unoccupied square. Capturing is not mandatory in most official rules, though many people play with variant rules that make capturing to be mandatory. In all variants, the player who has no pieces left or cannot move anymore has lost the game unless otherwise stated.

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