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The Duck universe is the fictional world that centers on the stories of Disney characters Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. Carl Barks, who created Scrooge McDuck in 1947, wrote and drew numerous stories involving Donald Duck, his nephews and their wealthy Uncle Scrooge. This theme was continued by various American artists and writers. When the Disney characters gained popularity in Europe, various European countries began to print their own Donald Duck magazines, reprinting American stories as well as producing their own. Thus, numerous European cartoonists contributed their own stories and characters to this fast expanding domain, most notably the Italian creator Romano Scarpa. Many European characters have never been introduced to the United States, although in recent years Disney comics publisher Gemstone improved on this situation. From the 1980s onwards, the American cartoonist Keno Don Rosa gained popularity with his Duck stories, building and expanding upon the original stories by Barks. However, Rosa considers Scrooge (rather than Donald) the more interesting and pivotal character amongst the inhabitants of Duckburg.

Most of the characters have appeared in the 1980s Disney cartoon series DuckTales. Disney's Darkwing Duck series is nominally set in the DuckTales universe, in a metropolis called St. Canard, although sharing the denizen Launchpad McQuack, and a few crossover episodes involving GizmoDuck, there is no interaction. The Darkwing Duck material does not appear in Barks' comics, as the Darkwing Duck TV series was created decades after Barks's active years as a comic artist. Later, a few characters would be the main characters in the show Quack Pack.

However, in the magazine Disney Adventures, there was a five-part crossover/storyline titled "Legend of the Chaos God" which began with TaleSpin, and continued with Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, and DuckTales, then concluded with Darkwing Duck.


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