Economy of Alberta

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Alberta's economy is one of the strongest in Canada, supported by the petroleum industry and, to a lesser extent, agriculture and technology. The per capita GDP in 2007 was by far the highest of any province in Canada at C$74,825 (approx. US$74,000). In 2006 Alberta's per capita GDP was higher than all US states, and one the highest figures in the world . Alberta's per capita GDP in 2007 was 61% higher than the Canadian average of C$46,441 and more than twice that of all the Maritime provinces. In 2006, the deviation from the national average was the largest for any province in Canadian history.[1]

According to the Fraser Institute, Alberta has very high levels of economic freedom. It is by far the most free economy in Canada,[2] and is rated as the 2nd most free economy of U.S. states and Canadian provinces.[3]


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