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Coordinates: 51°37′07″N 0°16′22″W / 51.6185°N 0.2729°W / 51.6185; -0.2729

Edgware is a suburb of North London situated 10 miles (16.1 km) northwest of Charing Cross. The area is identified in the London Plan as one of 35 major centres in Greater London.[1] It is principally a shopping and residential area and is one of the northern termini of the Northern Line. It has a bus garage, a shopping centre called The Broadwalk, a library, a large hospital—Edgware Community Hospital, and two streams—Edgware Brook and Deans Brook, both tributaries of the Silk Stream, which in turn merges with the River Brent at the Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir).



Edgware was an ancient hamlet in the county of Middlesex. Edgware is a Saxon name meaning Ecgi's weir. Ecgi was a Saxon and the weir relates to a pond where Ecgi's people would catch fish. The Edgware parish formed part of Hendon Rural District from 1894.[2] It was abolished in 1931 and formed part of the Municipal Borough of Hendon until 1965.[3] The Romans made pottery at Brockley Hill, and is thought by some to be the site of Sulloniacis. Canons Park, to the north-west, was developed as an estate by James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos and was the site of his great palace Cannons.

Edgware was associated with the highwayman Dick Turpin—it was the infamous scene of his worst incident, which happened on 4 February 1735, when five gang members, including Turpin, broke into a farmhouse owned by Joseph Lawrence, called Earlsbury Farm. Lawrence was at least 70 (so considered fairly old) and yet Turpin et al. beat him with their pistols and tortured him by setting him on fire whilst naked. While this was going on, the leader of the gang took a servant girl upstairs and raped her.

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