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In Greek mythology, Electryon was the son of Perseus and Andromeda, and king of Tiryns and Mycenae or Medea in Argolis.[1] He married either Anaxo, daughter of his brother Alcaeus and sister of Amphitryon,[2] or Eurydice daughter of Pelops. His wife bore him a daughter Alcmena and many sons (Stratobates, Gorgophonus, Phylonomus, Celaeneus, Amphimachus, Lysinomus, Chirimachus, Anactor, and Archelaus). Electryon had an illegitimate son Licymnius by Midea, a Phrygian woman. The six sons of Pterelaus, King of the Taphians, descended from Electryon's brother Mestor came to Mycenae to claim a share of kingdom. When Electryon spurned their request, they drove off his cattle; Electryon's sons battled against them, and all but Licymnius (on one side) and Evenus (on the other) died. Evenus sold the cattle to Polyxenus of Elis. Amphitryon, Electryon's nephew and promised in marriage to Alcmena, bought the cattle and returned them to his uncle, but accidentally killed him as he threw his club at one of the cows. Electryon's brother Sthenelus seized the throne of Mycenae, charged Amphitryon with murder, and sent him into exile.



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