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Elliot S. Maggin, also spelled Elliot S! Maggin (born 1950), is an American writer of comic books, film, television and novels. He was a main writer for DC Comics during the Bronze and early Modern ages of comics in the 1970s and 1980s. He is particularly associated with the character of Superman, where he worked on both Action Comics[3] and Superman.[4]

He has also been active with the Democratic Party of the United States, twice running for the nomination of his party for the United States Congress — once from the 2nd district of New Hampshire in 1984 and again from the 24th district of California in 2008.



Initial employment with DC Comics

Maggin started working as a professional writer in his teens, selling historical stories about the Boer War to a boys' magazine. He attended Brandeis University, where he wrote a term paper titled "What Can One Man Do?" for a class during his junior year.[citation needed] When it received a grade of B+, Maggin disagreed with the assessment, remade it as a comic book script, and sent his script to DC Comics.[citation needed] It was passed around the DC offices, and Neal Adams chose to draw the script.[citation needed]Though the initial grade was not amended, Maggin became a writer for DC, selling his stories to fund a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.[citation needed]

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