Emil Julius Gumbel

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Emil Julius Gumbel (18 July 1891, Munich - 10 September 1966, New York City) was a Jewish mathematician and political writer.

Born in Munich, he graduated from the University of Munich shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. He was Professor of Mathematical Statistics at the University of Heidelberg.

Following the murder of a friend, he investigated several political murders and published his findings in Four Years of Political Murder in 1922. Gumbel was one of the 33 signers of the 1932 Dringender Appell.

Along with Leonard Tippett and Ronald Fisher, he pioneered the mathematical field of extreme value theory. The Gumbel distribution was named after him.

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  • Brenner, Arthur David. Emil J. Gumbel: Weimar German Pacifist and Professor. ISBN 0-391-04101-0. 

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