Emmaboda Municipality

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Emmaboda Municipality (Emmaboda kommun) is a municipality in Kalmar County, in south-eastern Sweden. Its seat is located in the town Emmaboda.

The present municipality was formed in 1971, when the market town (köping) of Emmaboda (itself instituted in 1930) was amalgamated with three surrounding rural municipalities.



The municipality borders to the municipalities of Nybro, Kalmar and Torsås in Kalmar County; to Karlskrona and Ronneby in Blekinge County; and Tingsryd and Lessebo in Kronoberg County. The nearest cities in its vicinity are Kalmar (pop. 35,170), Karlskrona (pop. 32,606), Växjö (pop. 55,600), and Nybro (pop. 12,598).

It is part of Glasriket, The Realm of Glass, where people have been producing glass products at least since the 17th century, and transported to the rest of Sweden. The glassworks in Emmaboda municipality are mainly Johansfors, Åfors and Boda, the latter being one part of the supplier for the glass sculpturer Kosta Boda.

Those interested in nature activities will find many opportunities of fishing in the many lakes and streams stretching through the municipality.


There are 6 urban areas (also called a Tätort or locality) in Emmaboda Municipality.

In the table the localities are listed according to the size of the population as of December 31, 2005. The municipal seat is in bold characters.


The Emigrants (novels), the works about the Swedish emigration to North America, written by Vilhelm Moberg that have spread around the world have put a focus on many places in the municipality mentioned in the novels. Moberg himself was born on a farm just north-west of the town Emmaboda in 1898, where a monument stone now stands since 1970. Nearby is also a small museum about the author. Duvemåla, a village where Karl Oskar and Kristina, the fictional main characters of the novels live, is also located in the municipality.

Historically, the dense forests in this area where a centre for Nils Dackes rebellion fights against the King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century, causing the King great troubles for a while, until he sent down troops gathered from every other of the provinces of Sweden. Naturally the area today contains several remains and folk museums in honour if this time.

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