Emperor Go-Fukakusa

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Emperor Go-Fukakusa (後深草天皇 Go-Fukakusa-tennō?) (June 28, 1243 – August 17, 1304) was the 89th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. This reign spanned the years 1246 through 1260.[1]

This 13th century sovereign was named after the 9th century Emperor Nimmyō[2] and go- (後), translates literally as "later;" and thus, he could be called the "Later Emperor Fukakusa". The Japanese word "go" has also been translated to mean the "second one;" and in some older sources, this emperor may be identified as "Fukakusa, the second," or as "Fukakusa II."



Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (his imina) was Hisahito (久仁?).[3]

He was the second son of Emperor Go-Saga

  • Empress: Saionji (Fujiwara) Kimiko (西園寺(藤原)公子) (daughter of his mother's younger sister and Emperor Go-Saga's adopted son/nephew)
    • Second daughter: Imperial Princess Takako (貴子内親王)
    • Third daughter: Imperial Princess Reiko (姈子内親王) (wife of Emperor Go-Uda)
  • Lady-in-waiting: Daughter of Miki? (Fujiwara) ?? (三木(藤原)茂通)
    • Eighth son: Prince ?? (三木(藤原)茂通) (Buddhist Priest)
    • Sixth daughter: Imperial Princess ?? (永子内親王)
  • Consort: Tōin (Fujiwara) ?? (洞院(藤原)愔子)
    • Fourth daughter: Imperial Princess Hisako (久子内親王)
    • Second son: Imperial Prince Hirohito (熈仁親王) (Emperor Fushimi)
    • Third son: Prince ?? (性仁法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
  • Consort: Miki? (Fujiwara) Fusako (三条(藤原)房子)
  • Consort: Saionji (Fujiwara) Aiko (西園寺(藤原)相子)
    • Fifth daughter: Princess Hanako/Eiko/Akiko (瑛子内親王)

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