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Emperor Go-Fushimi (後伏見天皇 Go-Fushimi-tennō) (April 5, 1288 – May 17, 1336) was the 93rd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1298 to 1301.[1]

This 13th century sovereign was named after his father, Emperor Fushimi and go- (後), translates literally as "later;" and thus, he is sometimes called the "Later Emperor Fushimi". The Japanese word "go" has also been translated to mean the "second one;" and in some older sources, this emperor may be identified as "Fushimi, the second," or as "Fushimi II."



Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (his imina) was Tanehito-shinnō (胤仁親王?).[2]

He was the eldest son of the 92nd Emperor Emperor Fushimi. They belonged to the Jimyōin-tō branch of the Imperial Family.

  • Court Lady: Saionji (Fujiwara) ?? (西園寺(藤原)寧子)
    • First daughter: Imperial Princess ?? (珣子内親王)
    • Third son: Imperial Prince Kazuhito (1st Northern Pretender Emperor Kōgon
    • Fifth son: Imperial Prince ??? (景仁親王)
    • Second daughter: Imperial Princess ?? (兼子内親王)
    • Ninth son: Imperial Prince Yutahito (豊仁親王) (2nd Northern Pretender Emperor Kōmyō

Events of Go-Fushimi's life

Tanehito-shinnō was named Crown Prince or heir in 1289.

  • Einin 6, in the 7th month (1298): In the 11th year of Fushimi-tennō's reign (伏見天皇11年), the emperor abdicated; and the succession (senso) was received by his son.[3]
  • Einin 7 1299): Emperor Go-Fushimi is said to have acceded to the throne (sokui) and the nengō was changed to Shōan to mark the beginning of a new emperor's reign.[4]
  • 1301 - Abdicates due to rallying of the Daikakuji Line
  • 1308 - Younger brother becomes Emperor Hanazono, retired emperor
  • 1336 - Died

Fushimi acted as cloistered emperor for a period, but after a while, from 1313 to 1318, Go-Fushimi acted in that function.

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