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Emperor Go-Kōgon (後光厳天皇 Go-Kōgon-tennō) (March 23, 1338 – March 12, 1374) was the 4th of the Ashikaga Pretenders during the Period of the Northern and Southern Courts. According to pre-Meiji scholars, his reign spanned the years from 1352 through 1371.[1]

This Nanboku-chō "sovereign" was named after his father Emperor Kogon and go- (後), translates literally as "later;" and thus, he may be called the "Later Emperor Kōgon". The Japanese word "go" has also been translated to mean the "second one;" and in some older sources, this would-be emperor may be identified as "Kōgon, the second," or as "Kōgon II."



His personal name was Iyahito (弥仁).

He was the second son of the Northern Pretender Emperor Kōgon, and brother of his predecessor, Emperor Sukō. His mother was Hideko (秀子), daughter of Sanjō Kinhide (三条公秀)

  • Lady-in-waiting: Nakako (仲子), daughter of Hirohashi (Fujiwara) Kanetsuna (広橋(藤原)兼綱)
    • Second son: Imperial Prince Ohito (緒仁親王) (Emperor Go-En'yū)
    • Fifth son: Prince Eijo (永助入道親王) (Buddhist Lay Priest)
    • Twelfth son: Prince Gyōnin (尭仁法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
  • Consort: Uemon-no-Suke no Tsubone (右衛門佐局)
    • First son: Imperial Prince Ryōnin (亮仁入道親王) (Buddhist Lay Priest)
    • Seventh son: Prince Kakuzō (覚増法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
  • Consort: Daughter of Hōin Chōkai (法印長快)
    • First daughter: Imperial Princess Haruko (治子内親王)
    • Fourth son: Prince Kakuei (覚叡法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
    • Eighth son: Prince Dōen (道円入道親王) (Buddhist Priest)
    • Eleventh son: Prince Shōjo (聖助法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
  • Consort: Daughter of Tachibana no Mochishige (橘以繁)
    • Tenth son: Prince Myōshō (明承法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
  • (from unknown women)
    • Third son: Prince Gyōjō (行助入道親王) (Buddhist Lay Priest)
    • Fifth son: Prince Kanshu (寛守法親王) (Buddhist Priest)
    • Thirteenth son: Prince Kankyō (寛教入道親王) (Buddhist Lay Priest)
    • Second daughter: Imperial Princess Kenshi (見子内親王)
    • Daughter: Shūnin (秀仁) (Buddhist Priestess)

Events of Go-Kōgon's life

In his own lifetime, Go-Kōgon and those around him believed that he occupied the Chrysanthemum Throne from September 25, 1352 to April 9, 1371.

In 1351, Ashikaga Takauji briefly returned to the allegiance of the Southern Dynasty, causing the Southern Court to briefly consolidate control of the Imperial Line. However, this peace fell apart in 1352. On this occasion, the Southern Court abducted Retired (Northern) Emperors Emperor Kōgon and Emperor Kōmyō as well as Emperor Sukō and the Crown Prince, Imperial Prince Naohito, the son of Emperor Kōgon, from Kyoto to Yoshino, producing a state of affairs in which there was no Emperor in Kyoto.

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