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Emperor Ninmyō (仁明天皇 Ninmyō-tennō?, 810 – May 6, 850)[1] was the 54th emperor of Japan,[2] according to the traditional order of succession.[3]

Ninmyō's reign lasted the years spanning 833 through 850.[4]


Traditional narrative

Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (imina)[5] was Masara Shinnō (正良親王).[6]

He was the second son of Emperor Saga and the Empress Tachibana no Kachiko.

Ninmyō had nine Empresses, Imperial consorts, and concubines (kōi); and the emperor had 24 Imperial sons and daughters.[7]

Events of Ninmyō's life

Ninmyō ascended to the throne following the abdication of his uncle, Emperor Junna.

  • December 12, 833 (Tenchō 10, 28th day of the 10th month): In the 10th year of Junna-tennō 's reign (淳和天皇10年), the emperor abdicated; and the succession (senso) was received by a his adopted son. Masara-shinnō was the natural son of Emperor Saga, and therefore would have been Junna's nephew.[7] Shortly thereafter, Emperor Ninmyo is said to have acceded to the throne (sokui).[8]

Shortly after Ninmyo was enthroned, he designated an heir. He named as Prince Tsunesada, a son of former Emperor Junna, as the Cown Prince.[9]

  • 835 (Jōwa 2): Kūkai (known posthumously as Kōbō-Daishi) died. This monk, scholar, poet, and artist had been the founder of the Shingon or "True Word" school of Buddhism.[9]

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