Emperor Uda

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Emperor Uda (宇多天皇 Uda-tennō?, May 5, 867 – July 19, 931) was the 59th emperor of Japan,[1] according to the traditional order of succession.[2]

Uda's reign spanned the years from 887 through 897.[3]


Traditional narrative

Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (imina)[4] was Sadami (定省?)[5] or Chōjiin-tei.[6]

Emperor Uda was the third son of Emperor Kōkō. His mother was Empress Dowager Hanshi, a daughter of Prince Nakano (who was himself a son of Emperor Kammu).[7]

Uda had five Imperial consorts and 20 Imperial children.[8]

  • Prince Atsumi is one of Uda's sons.[9]
  • Prince Atsuzane (897-966) is one of Uda's sons.[10]

In ancient Japan, there were four noble clans, the Gempeitōkitsu (源平藤橘). One of these clans, the Minamoto clan (源氏), is also known as Genji. Some of Uda's grandchildren were granted the surname Minamoto. Minamoto is the most used surname for ex-royal. In order to distinguish Uda's descendants from other Minamoto clan families (源氏) or Genji, they became known as the Uda Genji (宇多源氏). Some of the Uda Genji moved to Ōmi province and known as Sasaki clan (佐々木氏)or Ōmi Genji (近江源氏).

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