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Emperor Yūryaku (雄略天皇 Yūryaku-tennō?) was the 21st emperor of Japan,[1] according to the traditional order of succession.[2]

Yūryaku is remembered as a patron of sericulture.[3]

No firm dates can be assigned to this emperor's life or reign, but he is conventionally considered to have reigned from 456-479.[4]


Legendard narrative

Yūryaku is considered to have ruled the country during the mid-5th century, but there is a paucity of information about him. There is insufficient material available for further verification and study.

According to the Kojiki, this emperor is said to have ruled from the Thirteenth Day of the Eleventh Month of 456 (Heishin) until his death on the Seventh Day of the Eight Month of 479 (Kibi).

According to Kojiki and Nihonshoki, Yūryaku was named Prince Ohatsuse Wakatake (大泊瀬 幼武) at birth. Swords unearthed from some kofuns indicate his name was Waka Takeru (Ōkimi). Yuryaku is just a name posthumously assigned to him by a much later era. He was the fifth and youngest son of Emperor Ingyō. After his elder brother Emperor Ankō was murdered, he won the struggle against his other brothers and became the new emperor. His title at his own lifetime was certainly not tennō, but presumably Ōkimi and/or Sumeramikoto (治天下大王 - amenoshita shiroshimesu ōkimi, or sumera no mikoto, Great King who rules all under heaven) and/or king of Yamato (ヤマト大王/大君 - yamato ōkimi, Great King of Yamato). He had three wives (including his consort Kusahahatahi). His successor, Prince Shiraka (Emperor Seinei), w as his son by his wife Kazuraki no Karahime.

The actual site of Yūryaku's grave is not known.[1] This emperor is traditionally venerated at a memorial Shinto shrine (misasagi) at Osaka.

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