English plural

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{language, word, form}
{specie, animal, plant}
{game, team, player}
{@card@, make, design}
{math, energy, light}
{style, bgcolor, rowspan}
{rate, high, increase}
{woman, child, man}
{god, call, give}
{work, book, publish}
{disease, patient, cell}
{law, state, case}
{water, park, boat}
{acid, form, water}
{film, series, show}
{math, number, function}
{service, military, aircraft}
{black, white, people}
{food, make, wine}
{island, water, area}
{government, party, election}
{album, band, music}
{group, member, jewish}
{town, population, incorporate}

In the English language, nouns are inflected for grammatical number—that is, singular or plural. This article discusses the variety of ways in which English plurals are formed for nouns. For the plurals of pronouns, see English personal pronouns.

Phonetic transcriptions provided in this article are for Received Pronunciation and General American.


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