Erwin Rommel

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World War I

World War II

Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (About this sound listen ) (15 November 1891 – 14 October 1944), popularly known as the Desert Fox (Wüstenfuchs, About this sound listen ), was a famous German Field Marshal of World War II.

He was a highly decorated officer in World War I, awarded the Pour le Mérite for his exploits on the Italian front. In World War II, he further distinguished himself as the commander of the 7th Panzer Division during the 1940 invasion of France. However, it was his leadership of German and Italian forces in the North African campaign that established the legend of the Desert Fox. He is considered to have been one of the most skilled commanders of desert warfare in the war.[1] He later commanded the German forces opposing the Allied cross-channel invasion in Normandy.

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