Estacada, Oregon

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Estacada (pronounced /ˌɛstəˈkeɪdə/) is a city in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States, about 30 miles southeast of Portland. The population was 2,371 at the 2000 census. The 2007 estimate is 2,695 residents.[3]



The Estacada post office opened in February of 1904 and the city was incorporated in May 1905. The community formed as a camp for workers building a hydroelectric dam on the nearby Clackamas River that was to supply Portland with electricity. At the time, the river was relatively inaccessible by road, forcing the Oregon Power Railway Company to build a railway to the vicinity of the river to transport crews to the river for the construction of the dam. After the construction of the Hotel Estacada, the town became a weekend destination on the railroad line for residents of Portland. During the week, the train carried freight and work crews to and from Portland. Following the development of the dams, the city became a hub for the logging industry. In the early 20th century, a trolley line connected the town with downtown Portland. The railway line has been removed and there is no longer rail service to Estacada.


The origin of the city's name is disputed. One explanation is that the city's name is a corruption of the name of a local resident, Esther Katie.[citation needed] There is no evidence that she existed. The more prosaic explanation is that someone with knowledge of the Llano Estacado region of modern-day Texas threw the name in a hat and it won, but somehow the final o became an a.[citation needed]

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