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The European Free Alliance (EFA) is a European political party. It consists of various national-level political parties in Europe which advocate either full political independence (statehood), or some form of devolution or Self-governance for their country or region.[1] The alliance has generally limited its membership to progressive parties,[2] and therefore, not all European regionalist parties are members of EFA. The EFA and European Green Party form The Greens–European Free Alliance political grouping in the European Parliament. The EFA's youth wing is the European Free Alliance Youth (EFAY).



Since the 1979 European Parliament election regionalists and separatists have been represented in the European Parliament. In that election five regionalist parties got seats: the Northern Irish Social Democratic and Labour Party, the Scottish National Party, the Flemish People's Union (VU), the Waloon Democratic Front of Francophones (FDF) and the South Tyrolean People's Party (SVP) won seats. The SNP, although being a social-democratic party, joined the European Progressive Democrats, which was led by the Gaullist Rally for the Republic, the SDLP the Socialist Group, VU and FDF the Technical Group of Independents, which comprised both conservative and left-wing MEPs, and the SVP joined the group of the European People's Party.

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