Eurovision Song Contest 1960

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The Eurovision Song Contest 1960 was the fifth in the series, and was held on 29 March 1960 in London. France's win this year was their second in the contest.

Although the Netherlands had won the contest in 1959, the Netherlands Television Foundation declined to host another contest so soon after staging the event in 1958. The honour of hosting the contest therefore passed to the United Kingdom, which had come second in 1959.

The result was an obvious win for France, however early on Germany, Monaco and the UK were in the lead. In the end the UK came second with 25 points, four more points than last year's winning song, and Monaco came third on 15 points making up for Monaco's début result the year before.


Individual Entries

Austria · Belgium · Denmark · France (winner) · Germany · Italy · Luxembourg · Monaco · Netherlands · Norway · Sweden · Switzerland · United Kingdom

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