Eurovision Song Contest 1968

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     Participating participants     Countries who have participated in the past but did not this year

The Eurovision Song Contest 1968 was the 13th Eurovision Song Contest. The contest was won by the Spanish song "La, la, la", performed by Massiel.

Originally Spain entered Joan Manuel Serrat to sing "La La La", however his demand to sing in Catalan was an affront to Francoist Spain. Serrat was withdrawn by Spain and replaced by Massiel who sang the same song in Spanish. (It was not until 2004, when Andorra made its first entry, that Catalan was heard in the ESC.)

1968 was the first time that the Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast in colour. The countries that broadcast it in colour were France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom as an encore presentation on BBC2 the next day.


Individual Entries

Austria · Belgium · Finland · France · Germany · Ireland · Italy · Luxembourg · Monaco · Netherlands · Norway · Portugal · Spain (winner) · Sweden · Switzerland · United Kingdom · Yugoslavia

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