Eurovision Song Contest 1969

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     Participating participants     Countries who have participated in the past but did not this year

The Eurovision Song Contest 1969 was the 14th in the series. It was the first time that the contest resulted in a tie for first place, with four countries each gaining 18 votes. Since there was at the time no rule to cover such an eventuality, all four countries were declared joint winners. This caused an unfortunate problem concerning the medals due to be distributed to the winners as there were not enough to go round, so that only the singers received their medals on the night: the songwriters, to some disgruntlement, were not awarded theirs until after the date of the contest. Had the later tie-break rule been in place (i.e. the song receiving votes from the most countries, then the song receiving the most high votes in case of another tie), France would have been the overall winner.

The surrealist Spanish artist Salvador Dalí was responsible for designing the publicity material for the 1969 contest as well as the metal sculpture which was used on stage.

France's win was their fourth. France became the first country to win the contest four times. The Netherlands' win was their third. Spain and the United Kingdom each won for the second time. And it was the first time that any country (Spain, in this case) had a winning ESC entry two years in a row.

Austria was absent from the contest, refusing to participate in a contest staged in Franco-ruled Spain.[1]


Individual Entries

Belgium · Finland · France (winner) · Germany · Ireland · Italy · Luxembourg · Monaco · Netherlands (winner) · Norway · Portugal · Spain (winner) · Sweden · Switzerland · United Kingdom (winner) · Yugoslavia

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