Exile (computer game series)

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The Exile is a series of role-playing games created by Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software. They were released as shareware titles for Macintosh and Windows systems. Exile III was also ported to Linux by a third party. There were four games released in the series. The first three games were later revived in the Avernum series.



Exile I: Escape from the Pit

The first game of the Exile trilogy sees a party of newly created characters thrown from the world above into the subterranean world known as Exile. Once here, the party discovers a culture that has formed from the outcasts of the Empire above, a culture beset by constant warfare and monsters galore. The party meets with many of those who wish to get revenge on the Empire for the wrongs it has done to the peoples of Exile.

The characters become a rallying point around which the people of Exile who desire vengeance gather to focus their energies into finding a way to strike back against the cruel Emperor of the surface. Together, the party manages to assassinate Emperor Hawthorne in his throne room, banish the demon prince Grah-hoth who was becoming a significant threat to the citizens of Exile, and secure an escape route to the surface.

Exile II: Crystal Souls

The second Exile game follows directly from the first. The Empire has begun to recognise the threat the Exiles pose and begin sending their army down into Exile in huge numbers. To make matters worse, unknown barriers of energy are sprouting up around the world – sometimes aiding the Exiles, sometimes helping the Empire who can afford the losses much more easily than the Exiles.

A new party of characters meets one of the creatures causing the barriers sprouting up in Exile and go to meet with the unknown race to try and secure an end to hostilities. In the end, the party is more successful - and the Vahnatai join with the Exiles to drive out the Empire. With the support of the Vahnatai the Exiles turn the tables on the Empire and successfully repulse their invasion.

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