Eyes Wide Shut

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Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999 drama film based upon the 1926 novella Traumnovelle (Dream Story), which was written by Arthur Schnitzler. The film was directed, produced and co-written by Stanley Kubrick, and was his last film. The story, set in and around New York City, follows the sexually charged adventures of Dr. Bill Harford, who is shocked when his wife, Alice, reveals that she had contemplated an affair a year earlier. He embarks on a night-long, eventful sexual adventure, during which he infiltrates a massive masked orgy of an underground cult.

The film appeared on July 16, 1999 to generally positive critical reaction.[1]



Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife, Alice (Nicole Kidman), go to a Christmas party, given by one of his wealthy patients Victor Ziegler. Before going, Alice complains Bill is paying no attention to her appearance. At the party, Bill runs into an old friend, Nick Nightingale (Todd Field), who dropped out of medical school and now plays piano in a band for night clubs and parties. A Hungarian man tries to pick up Alice. Two young models try to take Bill off for a tryst telling him they are going to "where the rainbow ends". He is interrupted by an urgent call from his host, Victor Ziegler (Sydney Pollack), upstairs, who has been having sex with a young woman who has overdosed on a speedball. Ziegler asks Bill to keep the encounter confidential.

The following evening at home, Bill and his wife are smoking marijuana and she asks him if he had sex with the two girls. After Bill reassures her of his fidelity, she asks if he is ever jealous of men who are attracted to her. As the discussion gets heated, he states he thinks women are more faithful than men. She rebuts him by telling him of a recent sexual fantasy she had about a naval officer they encountered on a vacation.

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