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FM-2030 (October 15, 1930 – July 8, 2000) was an author, teacher, transhumanist philosopher, futurist and consultant.[1] FM-2030 was born Fereidoun M. Esfandiary (Persian: فریدون اسفندیاری).

He became notable as a transhumanist with the book Are You a Transhuman?: Monitoring and Stimulating Your Personal Rate of Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, published in 1989. In addition, he wrote a number of works of fiction under his original name F.M. Esfandiary. The son of an Iranian diplomat, he traveled widely as a child,[2] living in 17 countries by age 11;[3] then, as a young man, he represented Iran as a basketball player in the 1948 Olympic Games[2] and served on the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine from 1952 to 1954.[4]

F.M. Esfandiary changed his name to FM-2030 for two main reasons. Firstly, to reflect the hope and belief that he would live to celebrate his 100th birthday in 2030; secondly, and more importantly, to break free of the widespread practice of naming conventions that he saw as rooted in a collectivist mentality, and existing only as a relic of humankind's tribalistic past. He viewed traditional names as almost always stamping a label of collective identity - varying from gender, to nationality - on the individual, thereby existing as prima facie elements of thought processes in the human cultural fabric, that tended to degenerate into stereotyping, factionalism, and discrimination. In his own words, "Conventional names define a person's past: ancestry, ethnicity, nationality, religion. I am not who I was ten years ago and certainly not who I will be in twenty years. [...] The name 2030 reflects my conviction that the years around 2030 will be a magical time. In 2030 we will be ageless and everyone will have an excellent chance to live forever. 2030 is a dream and a goal."[5]

Many of FM-2030's predictions about social trends from the 1970s through the early 21st century proved remarkably prescient.[5] FM-2030 argued that the inherent dynamic of the modern globalizing civilization would bring such changes about despite the best efforts of conservative elites to enforce traditional beliefs.[4] He predicted in vitro fertilization and correcting genetic flaws in 1977, and in 1980, he predicted teleconferencing, telemedicine and teleshopping.[1] He taught at The New School, UCLA, and Florida International University.[1] He worked as a corporate consultant for Lockheed and J.C. Penney.[1] He was a lifelong vegetarian and said he would not eat anything that had a mother.[6]

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