Father of the Bride (1950 film)

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Father of the Bride is a 1950 American comedy film.[1][2] It tells the story of a man trying to cope with all of the disasters that happen along the way from the time that his daughter announces that she's engaged until the wedding actually occurs. The movie stars Spencer Tracy (Stan), Joan Bennett (Ellie), Elizabeth Taylor (Kay), Don Taylor (Buckley), Billie Burke, and Leo G. Carroll, and was adapted by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett from the novel by Edward Streeter, and directed by Vincente Minnelli.

It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay.

Father of the Bride had a sequel the following year, called Father's Little Dividend, in which Taylor's character has a baby.

Father of the Bride was also made into a television series which aired on CBS during the 1961-62 season. The cast included Leon Ames (Stan), Ruth Warrick (Ellie), and Myrna Fahey (Kay).

A remake of the same name starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton was released in 1991. It had a numeraled sequel, Father of the Bride Part II, in 1995, also starring Martin and Keaton. Just like the original's sequel, the daughter has her first child. In the latter production, the mother of the bride has a child as well, her third.

There is also a three act comedy Father of the Bride play by Caroline Francke based on the novel.


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