Felipe, Prince of Asturias

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Felipe, Prince of Asturias (baptised as Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos (et omnes sancti) de Borbón y de Grecia; born 30 January 1968), is the third child and only son of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía of Spain. As the Prince of Asturias he is the heir apparent to the Spanish throne.

As heir to the Spanish throne he bears the official titles of Prince of Asturias, Prince of Viana, Prince of Girona, Duke of Montblanc, Count of Cervera and Lord of Balaguer.


Birth and early life

Felipe was born in Madrid. His birth, after that of his two sisters, the infantas Elena and Cristina, ensured a male successor to the Spanish Throne. All three were delivered of the Queen Sophia, then Princess, and assisted by the doctor don Manuel Maria de Mendizabal. [El Mundo 11 February 1996 El Ginecologo de la Reina] His full name is Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y de Grecia. The symbolic names given at his christening, by the Archbishop of Madrid Casimiro Morcillo González included the names of the first Bourbon to reign in Spain; his grandfathers (Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona and Paul of Greece); his great-grandfather King Alfonso XIII of Spain; and All Saints (Todos los Santos or et omnes sancti) as is customary among the Bourbons. At the time of his birth he was titled as Infante of Spain, as his father was not yet King and Felipe was not yet heir apparent. His godparents were his grandfather Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona and his great-grandmother Queen Victoria Eugenia.

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