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Carlos Fernando Flores Labra (born January 9, 1943) is a Chilean engineer, entrepreneur and politician. He is a former cabinet minister of president Salvador Allende and was senator for the Arica and Parinacota and Tarapacá regions between 2001 and 2009. On March 31, 2010 he was designated President of Chile's National Innovation Council for Competitiveness by President Sebastián Piñera.



Flores was born in Talca, Chile. He became finance minister in the government of Chilean president Salvador Allende and then spent three years as a political prisoner (from September 11, 1973 to 1976) after the military coup of General Augusto Pinochet. Subsequently forced into exile, after negotiations on his behalf by Amnesty International, he moved with his family to Palo Alto, California, and worked as a researcher in the Computer Science department at Stanford University. He subsequently obtained his PhD at UC Berkeley under the guidance of Hubert Dreyfus, Stuart Dreyfus, John Searle and Ann Markussen. There he developed his work on philosophy, coaching and workflow technology, influenced by Heidegger, Maturana, John Austin and others. His thesis was titled Management and Communication in the Office of the Future.

Projects and companies founded

Flores has founded several companies including "Hermenet" (for which he used a $6 million investment from Werner Erhard); "Logonet", an education company; "Business Design Associates", a management consulting company) and Action Technologies, a software company, where he introduced new distinctions in workflow analysis, groupware, software design and business process analysis that he developed in association with Terry Winograd. He has also founded an Internet-based movement called Atina Chile. His newest project is Pluralistic Networks, a company that plans to develop leadership and communication abilities in virtual business teams using multi-player online games, currently World of Warcraft.

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