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A fetish model is a model who models fetish clothing and/or devices that augment his or her body in a fetish manner or in fetishistic situations, though he or she may not work exclusively in that form of modeling.

Many fetish models display what are termed fetish fashions, which are clothing styles that considered extreme and provocative, designed to elicit a strong emotional reaction or desire on the part of the observer. Such clothing range from exotic stylized bathing suits to extreme costuming including body armor and sci-fi fantasy suits.

Fetish modeling may involve bondage, body modification, fetish photography and exotic glamour photography as well as sexual fantasy costuming (as popularized in Japanese manga productions and fantasy stories such as Dungeon and Dragons), which is usually referred to as cosplay. Fetish models may model for photography, and appear at BDSM fairs and parties.

Several pornographic actors and glamour models also act as fetish models.


Types of fetish models

Fetish modeling covers a wide range of fetishes, including those involving bondage, latex, corsets, even wedgies, tattoo/body piercing, shoes, thin fetishism, shibari, and Nyotaimori / food. Fetishes may also involve body parts, such as breasts, navel, feet, etc.

Fetish models are usually considered to be different category to gothic or alternative models, who are usually far more niche specific. Fetish models may only involve themselves in the overall aesthetic aspects rather than a specific area such as sexual. Fetish modeling is usually considered to be a part of the adult industry due to its popular perception as an "adult only" appreciation. However in recent times, many aspects of the fetish fashion market have been incorporated and accepted into so called mainstream fashion whereby fashion creators will directly use exotic fabrics such as latex or sheer instead of cotton or wool for their creations.

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