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Feyenoord Rotterdam (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfɛi.ə.noːrt]) is a Dutch professional football club located in Rotterdam. With Ajax and PSV, Feyenoord is one of the "big three" clubs in the Netherlands.[3] One or another of these three clubs has won every Dutch League Championship since 1965 – with the exception of AZ '67's 1981 and 2009 titles and FC Twente's 2010 title – and they are, together with FC Utrecht and Roda JC, the only clubs never to have been relegated from Dutch first division football.[4] In domestic competition, Feyenoord has won 14 Dutch Championships, 11 Dutch Cups and 2 Dutch Supercups to go with the European Cup, two UEFA Cups and the Intercontinental Cup.[5]


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