Figure skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics

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2002 Winter Olympic Games Figure skating. All events were held at the Delta Center, although for purposes of the International Olympic Committee's No Commercialisation Policy on venues, it was known as the "Salt Lake Ice Center".


Medal summary

Medal table



Yagudin received 5.9s and 6.0s for his free program after World Champion Plushenko had made several errors in both the short program and long program.

Program Details



Hughes, fourth after the technical program, skated a clean free program with seven triple jumps, including two triple-triple combinations. Kwan led after the technical program but slipped to third after two jumping errors. American Sasha Cohen finished fourth, after a fall on the back end of a triple lutz-triple toe combination. Slutskaya became only the second Russian to medal in the women's event at the Olympics.

Hughes and Slutskaya finished with tie scores, Hughes winning the gold medal on a tiebreaker for having won the free program in a close result. The Russian skating federation filed a protest over the results for a second ladies gold to the ISU. The ISU dismissed the protest.

Program Details



Medals awarded February 11, 2002; second award ceremony February 17.

A controversial decision which extended the Russian dominance of pair skating at the Olympics. Salé/Pelletier were the crowd favorites and skated a flawless program, while Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze, skating a program with more complex choreography, stumbled during their double axel. Minutes before the Russians went on, Salé accidentally collided with Sikharulidze.

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