Final Fantasy Chronicles

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Final Fantasy Chronicles is a compilation of Square's console role-playing games Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger, released for the North American Sony PlayStation on June 29, 2001.[1] TOSE ported both titles from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System; each had been previously released as individual Japanese PlayStation ports in 1997 (Final Fantasy IV) and 1999 (Chrono Trigger).[2][3] Several bonus features were added to each game, such as art galleries, bestiaries, and cutscenes—including computer-generated full motion video used at the beginning of Final Fantasy IV and anime scenes used throughout Chrono Trigger.[4]

Final Fantasy Chronicles was received well by players and critics, who praised the peripheral features and the fact that Square was offering RPG classics to a new generation of gamers.[4][5][6] Conversely, reviewers sharply criticized "long and frequent loading" between areas and battles due to poor emulation.[5][6] Enough copies of Chronicles were sold to warrant a second release as part of Sony's Greatest Hits in June 2003.[7]



In Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger, the player controls a set of characters, closely following the console role-playing game genre. The methods of viewing and controlling the characters are separated by three different "screens": the overworld, where the characters traverse to different locations; the field map, where the characters explore locations such as towns and dungeons; and the battle screen, where the characters fight with monsters or other enemies.[8][9]

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