Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, released in Europe as Mystic Quest Legend and in Japan as Final Fantasy USA Mystic Quest (ファイナルファンタジーUSA ミスティッククエスト Fainaru Fantajī Yū Esu Ē Misutikku Kuesuto?) is a console role-playing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game console. The game was released as a spin-off to Square's popular Final Fantasy series of video games. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was first released in North America in 1992 and marketed as a "simplified role-playing game...designed for the entry-level player"[1] in an attempt to broaden the genre's appeal.[2] The game's presentation and battle system is broadly similar to that of the main series, but it differed in its inclusion of action-adventure game elements. Along with Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was the first Final Fantasy game to be released in Europe.

In the game, the player controls a youth named Benjamin in his quest to save the world.[3] His goal is to reclaim a set of stolen crystals that determine the state of the world's four elemental powers.

The gameplay takes a departure from the main series in a variety of ways. Many series staples are eliminated, such as random battles, save points, manual equipment, and the party system.



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