Finnish Defence Forces

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Finnish Navy seal Finnish Navy
Finnish Air Force seal Finnish Air Force

The Finnish Defence Forces (Finnish: puolustusvoimat, Swedish: försvarsmakten) are responsible for the defence of Finland. It is a cadre army of 16,500, of which 8,700 are professional soldiers (officers), extended with conscripts and reservists such that the standard readiness strength is 34,700 people in uniform (27,300 Army, 3,000 Navy, and 4,400 Air Force). A universal male conscription is in place, under which all men above 18 years of age serve for 6, 9 or 12 months. Alternative non-military service and volunteer service by women (about 500 chosen annually [1]) are possible.

Finland is the only non-NATO EU country bordering Russia. Finland's official policy states that the 350,000 reservists with mostly ground weaponry are a sufficient deterrent. The army consists of a highly mobile field army backed up by local defence units. The army defends the national territory and its military strategy employs the use of the heavily forested terrain and numerous lakes to wear down an aggressor, instead of attempting to hold the attacking army on the frontier.[dead link][2]

Finland's defence budget equals about 2 billion euro or 1.4-1.6 percent of the GDP. The voluntary overseas service is highly popular and troops serve around the world in UN, NATO and EU missions. Homeland defence willingness stands at around 80%, one of the highest rates in Europe.[dead link][2]


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