Finno-Ugric languages

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Finno-Ugric (pronounced /ˌfɪnoʊˈjuːɡrɪk/ or /ˌfɪnoʊˈuːɡrɪk/[1]) or Fenno-Ugric is a group of languages in the Uralic language family, comprising the Finno-Permic and Ugric language families.



The validity of Finno-Ugric as a genetic grouping is currently under challenge by a minority of scholars of Uralistics,[2] with some feeling that the Finno-Permic languages are as distinct from the Ugric languages as they are from the Samoyedic languages spoken in Siberia. Received opinion has been that the eastmost (and last discovered) Samoyed had separated first and the branching into Ugric and Finno-Permic took place later, but this reconstruction does not have strong support in the linguistic data. In the past, and occasionally today as well, the term Finno-Ugric was used for the entire Uralic language family.


Proto-Finno-Ugric is the reconstructed protolanguage for the Finno-Ugric languages, i.e., the ancestor of the all Uralic languages except for the Samoyedic languages. Its reconstructed parent language is Proto-Uralic, which split into Proto-Finno-Ugric and Proto-Samoyedic. This classification is not without problems; Proto-Finno-Ugric may be interpreted as a geographical grouping instead of a genetic grouping because the differences are few. It has been suggested that the area where Proto-Finno-Ugric was spoken reached between the Baltic Sea and the Ural mountains.[3]

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