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Flambards is a novel by the English author K. M. Peyton.

The book and its three sequels are set just before, during, and after World War I. The first book, originally published in 1967, tells how the teenage heroine, orphaned heiress Christina Parsons, comes to live at Flambards, the impoverished Essex estate owned by her crippled and tyrannical uncle, William Russell, and his two sons, Mark and Will. Its original sequels were The Edge of the Cloud and Flambards in Summer (both 1969); Flambards Divided (1981) controversially reversed the ending of the original trilogy.

Christina Parsons, who has been shunted around the family since she was orphaned at five years old in 1901, is sent to live at Flambards with her father's half-brother, the crippled Russell. Her Aunt Grace speculates that Russell plans for Christina to marry his son Mark in order to restore Flambards to its former glory using the money that she will inherit on her twenty-first birthday. Mark is as brutish as his father, with a great love for hunting, whereas the younger son William is terrified of horses after a hunting accident and aspires to be an aviator. Christina soon finds friendship with the injured William, who challenges her ideas on class boundaries, as well as a love for horses and hunting. William and Christina eventually fall in love and run away to London from the hunt ball towards the end of the first book.

The first three books were made into a television series, Flambards in 1979, starring Christine McKenna as Christina Parsons.


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