Foreign relations of Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso has good relations with the European Union, African, and Asian countries. France, the former colonial power, in particular, continues to provide significant aid and supports Compaoré's developing role as a regional powerbroker. Burkina maintains diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (usually referred to as "Taiwan") instead of the People's Republic of China.[1]

According to the U.S. State Department, "U.S. relations with Burkina Faso are good but subject to strains in the past because of the Compaoré government's past involvement in arms trading and other sanctions-breaking activity."[2]

Burkina Faso's relations with its West African neighbors have improved in recent years. Relations with Ghana, in particular, have warmed with a change in government in that country. President Compaoré has mediated a political crisis in Togo and helped to resolve the Tuareg conflict in Niger. Burkina maintains cordial relations with Libya. A territorial dispute with Mali was mediated by Ghana and Nigeria and has led to lessening of tensions between the two nations.

Since the 2002 Civil War in the Ivory Coast, relations between it and Burkina Faso have been filled with accusations of Burkinabe support for rebels on one side and claims of mistreatment of Burkinabe workers on the other.[3][4] The Ivory Coast remains Burkina Faso's largest regional trading partner in spite of their disputes and tens of thousands of Burkinabes continue to work in the Ivory Coast.[5]

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