Foreign relations of New Zealand

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Politics and government of
New Zealand

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Sovereign (Queen Elizabeth II)

Executive Council
Prime Minister (John Key)
Organisations within "the Crown"
Government of New Zealand

Statute of Westminster 1931

House of Representatives

Official Opposition


Parliamentary constituencies
Electoral system
Electoral reform
Last election (2008)
Next local body election (2010)

Supreme Court

Court of Appeal
High Court
District Courts
Employment Court
Environment Court
Courts Martial Appeal Court
Māori Land Court
Waitangi Tribunal
Other tribunals and authorities

Realm of New Zealand
Territorial authorities of New Zealand

Political culture
Māori politics
Foreign relations
New Zealand's nuclear-free zone
Political parties

The foreign relations of New Zealand are oriented chiefly toward developed democratic nations and emerging Pacific economies. The country’s major political parties have generally agreed on the broad outlines of foreign policy, and the current coalition government has been active in promoting free trade, nuclear disarmament, and arms control.[1]

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