Fraggle Rock

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Fraggle Rock is a children's television series with a total of 5 seasons and 96 episodes.[2][3] The series originally ran from January 10, 1983 to March 30, 1987 on CBC Television in Canada, ITV in the UK, HBO in the United States and TV1 in New Zealand. Nickelodeon repeated it in the UK from 1993, as did Boomerang and Cartoonito later. As of 2008 Fraggle Rock showed in the US on The Hub, UK on POP! and Tiny Pop, in Australia on Boomerang and in Canada on Teletoon Retro. In 2010 the show was rebroadcast on the new children's channel Hub. The series was created by Jim Henson, primarily featuring a cast of "Muppet" creatures called Fraggles. Writers included Henson, Jerry Juhl, and Jocelyn Stevenson, with songs by Philip Balsam and Dennis Lee. It was one of the first shows to be co-produced by HIT Entertainment since its foundation in 1989 when it was called Henson International Television, the international arm of Jim Henson Productions. The recent distribution (Fraggle Rock 25 Years, Complete Series Collection) shows that the aired season four (January through March 1986) and aired season five (January through March 1987) were produced, and designed, to be one final season.

Jim Henson articulated a vision of Fraggle Rock as depicting a colorful and fun world; "It is a high-energy, raucous musical romp. It's a lot of silliness. It's wonderful."[4] The series plays out in a world with a relatively complex system of symbiotic relationships between different "races" of creatures, an allegory to the human world, where each group was somewhat unaware of how interconnected and important they were to one another. Creating this allegorical world allowed the program to entertain and amuse while seriously exploring complex issues of prejudice, spirituality, personal identity, environment, and social conflict.[5] Fraggle Rock generally refused to over-simplify any individual issue, instead simply illustrating the consequences and inherent difficulties of different actions and relationships.[5]

The show became a worldwide hit, like Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. The "Fraggle Rock Theme" reached number 33 in the British music charts during the phenomenon.[6]

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