Fred A. Leuchter

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Frederick A. (Fred) Leuchter, Jr. (born 1944) is an American Federal Court qualified expert in execution technology and author of forensic Holocaust denial material. He claims to have improved the design of instruments for capital punishment and had execution equipment contracts with several states.[2] Subsequently, Leuchter became known for his testimony in defense of Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel in 1988.[3] His study for Zündel's trial is referred to as the Leuchter report after it was published by Zündel as such[1][4] and is often framed as a scientifically based work of Holocaust denial, though his research methods and findings have been refuted. A documentary on the controversy, entitled Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., was released by Errol Morris in 1999.


Education and career

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Boston University in 1964 and later conducted post-graduate studies at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory. [5] Leuchter holds patents for a geodetic instrument and an electronic sextant.[6] Leuchter has said he is not an engineer and misled people about his expertise.[7][8] According to the New York Times, before selling execution equipment Leuchter was a former dealer in military surveillance equipment.[9]

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