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Alfred Henry (Freddy) Heineken (November 4, 1923, Amsterdam, Netherlands –January 3, 2002) was a Dutch major stock holder and president of Heineken International, the brewing company bought in 1864 by his grandfather Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam.

He entered the service of the company (which by then was no longer owned by the family) on 1 June 1941 and bought back stock several years later, to ensure the family controlled the company again. He created the Heineken Holding that owned 50.005% of Heineken International; he personally held a majority stake in Heineken Holding.

By the time of his resignation as chairman of the board in 1989 he had transformed Heineken from a brand that was known chiefly in the Netherlands to a brand that is currently famous worldwide.

Freddy Heineken married Lucille Cummins, an American from a Kentucky family of bourbon whiskey distillers. Heineken's daughter, Charlene Heineken, inherited his fortune in 2002.


Freddy Heineken and his chauffeur Ab Doderer were kidnapped in 1983 and released on a ransom of 35 million Dutch guldens (about 16 million Euros). The kidnappers Cor van Hout, Willem Holleeder, Jan Boelaard, Frans Meijer, and Martin Erkamps, were eventually caught and served their prison terms. Before being extradited Van Hout and Holleeder stayed for more than three years in France, first on the run, then in prison, and then, awaiting a change of the extradition treaty, then with house arrest, and finally in prison again. Meijer escaped and lived in Paraguay for years, until he was discovered by Peter R. de Vries and imprisoned there. In 2003, Meijer stopped resisting his extradition to the Netherlands, and was transferred to a Dutch prison to serve the last part of his term.


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