Free Methodist Church

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The church currently has ministry in 82 countries around the world.[15] These are:

Higher education

B.T. Roberts began what is now Roberts Wesleyan College in 1866. Spring Arbor College followed in 1873, Seattle Pacific University in 1891 and Greenville College in 1892. Central College began in 1914, a continuation of Orleans Seminary begun in 1884. Azusa Pacific University was formed by a merger with Los Angeles Pacific College and other small denominational colleges.[4]

The denomination currently maintains a relationship with the following educational institutions:

In addition, the Free Methodist Church is one of several denominations supporting Azusa Pacific University(Azusa, CA). Wessington Springs College is a former, now closed institution which was located in South Dakota. Internationally, there is Osaka Christian College of the Japanese Free Methodist Church, Hope Africa University,[16] a recently founded school in Bujumbura, Burundi, and the Faculdade Teológica Metodista Livre, São Paulo, Brazil.

Through the John Wesley Seminary Foundation (JWSF) graduate students who are preparing for full time ministry in the Free Methodist Church are provided a grant or loan at the following affiliated schools:[17]


Both John Wesley and B. T. Roberts recognized the Christian’s unavoidable responsibility for publishing.

Before the founding of the church in 1860, B.T. Roberts began publication of a monthly journal, The Earnest Christian. In 1868 The Free Methodist (now Light & Life magazine) began. A publishing house was established in 1886 to produce books, periodicals and Sunday school curriculum and literature.[4]

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