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Castlemorton Common Festival - CzechTek - Windsor Free Festival - Stonehenge Free Festival - Reclaim the Streets

Freetekno is the name of a cultural movement that is present in both Europe and North America. Freetekno sound systems or tribes form in loose collectives, frequently with anarchist philosophies. These sound systems join together to hold parties wherever a viable space can be found - typical locations include warehouses (also known as squat parties), fields, abandoned buildings or forests. Because freetekno parties are usually held illegally this sometimes leads to clashes with the police, as was the case at both the 2004 and 2005 Czechtek festivals and many other, smaller parties around the world at different times.

London in the United Kingdom plays host to "free parties" (term used by the squat party scene) thrown by an array of sound systems every week. A regular theme is (and always has been) techno, although drum & bass, breakbeat, hardcore and psytrance can be common. Parties will occur all over London from derelict/deserted buildings in the borough of Hackney to empty office blocks in the City of London.



Tekno or hardtek is also a style of music which takes elements from both techno and hardcore and tends to be very fast and loaded with energy. Speedbass, speedcore and other forms of underground music can be heard at freetekno parties. Freetekno events do not always play spine-crunching, brain melting, ear-drum shattering hardcore (especially the Frenchcore subgenre), though; psychedelic trance, drum and bass, breakbeats, electro, world beat, house, and many types of experimental fusion music are also popular at freetekno events.

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